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is a CMS to create file-sharing tracker site. torrent, you must have access to install ssh

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Sava - Open Source ColdFusion CMS

Sava - Open Source ColdFusion CMS

SAVA is an open source CMS written in ColdFusion. They saw that the best tools are those built to meet the people who use them, both in terms of function and anticipation of common problems. This approach is at the center of the Sava, a tool built to make the job easier, whether it's something as simple as adding a press release or as complex as integrating data with enterprise CRM.

Open Source ColdFusion CMS

Sava is designed to help you manage your site content easily, with as little hassle as possible. Sava's got hundreds of built-in features that make this possible - here's a quick look at the highlights:

Easy and fast content editing - Need to fix a typo or add a new page? Just a couple of clicks, and you're all set. Sava takes the pain management content.

World-class CSS Support - Sava makes life better for CSS designers and developers with the best-in-class CSS capabilities. It 'really is what you wanted?

Search Engine Friendly - With clean, well-formed page structures, SEO-friendly URLs, and full control over all page content and attributes, Sava is a great choice for SEO-focused websites.

The Cross Platform Flexibility - ColdFusion? Java? Linux? Windows? Mac OSX? MySQL? Microsoft SQL Server? The answer to all these questions is a resounding "Yes!"

All the features-Here's an overview of all the features of the Sava, in one, convenient look.

Last Updated on Monday, December 01 2008 19:19

Open Source Social Network Platform Create Your Own Social Network Free Dolphin Smart Community Build

Have you always wanted to create your online social network? Now you can easily create with no programming experience, today for their open source tools that we are spoiled for choice.

for example: barnraiser.org , peopleaggregator.org , ning.com , Elgg , phpizabi.net

or by Dolphin Smart Community Builder that we believe deserve special attention

Last Updated on Friday, December 31 2010 02:21

Nagios Open Source Network Administration

Nagios Open Source Network Administration

Nagios is a popular open source application for monitoring computer and network resources. Its basic function is to control nodes, networks and services specified, warning when they can not guarantee their return to active service or when.

Nagios was originally created under the name of netsaint and maintained by Ethan Galstad.

Nagios was originally developed for Linux but can work on other Unix variants, is released under the GNU General Public License Version 2 published by the Free Software Foundation.

Last Updated on Saturday, November 22 2008 16:37


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