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utility per siti web

Translate sites in many languages for free

We list the different tools suitable for the free online translation, online Websites or texts. These tools can make translations more or less complete, remember that these tools are useful but do not provide translations without errors, even if they do their best to avoid mistakes.

Google also offers this service free for translate sitiweb.

Copy this code into your page:
<div id="google_translate_element"> </ div>
googleTranslateElementInit <script> function () {new google.translate.TranslateElement ({PAGELANGUAGE: 'en'}, 'google_translate_element');} </ script>
<script src="http://translate.google.com/translate_a/element.js?cb=googleTranslateElementInit">
</ Script>

Google Translation

Google Translate can translate a site from English into Italian and vice versa, it also allows the translation of many other foreign languages, both texts of entire web pages or Websites

Yahoo! Babel Fish
The free tool from Yahoo Babel Fish Translation enables you to translate from English to Italian website etc ... This translation tool sites automatically uses Systran technology. Formerly known as AltaVista's Babelfish, was the first electronic translator available on the Internet.

Systran is a company specialized in machine translation solutions. Its free online translation tool enables you to translate from English to Italian site.

Windows Live
Microsoft offers a free translation of web pages from English into Italian.

WorldLingo provides a free translation sites and from 15 languages including English and Italian.

This Spanish site offers a free electronic translator to translate from English to Italian sites. This multilingual online translator makes use of Google technology.

Translendium is a Catalan website offering a free electronic translator to translate a website from English into Italian.

This Swedish site offers an online translator to translate from English into Italian free sites.

Free Translator
Free Translator is a website in English, offering a wide range of free language tools, including an automatic translator sites in 23 different language pairs, including English-Italian.

e-Free Translation
The site (in English) of e-Free Translation offers a free English translation tool for translating Web sites

Free Hosting - free hosting

Free web space for web sites - Hosting and free hosting

Below is given a list of the largest providers of free web space.

  • Altervista.org

    Attvando a free account with altervista you have the option of having a website with the address:

Altervista gives its users to add pages in php and earning a certain number of altercent (the currency of altervista) you also have the opportunity to have a mysql database. Inseresci not any kind of ADV pages. From its users the opportunity to affliarsi circuits operated by altervista advertising material. Affiliate altercent and earn real money which may be charged to the achievement of 36 euro.
Interestingly, short-circuits between the banner that the 'altervistiano "may appear on its site also supplies the google adv (adsense). Not bad for a free hosting!
Site: it.altervista.org

  • Digiland

    E 'was among the first to provide free space.


Some time ago, fell by placing advertisements in the quality hosted sites. Fortunately seems to have converted, eliminating the ADV.

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