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Hippo CMS

Hippo CMS

Language: JavaScript
License: Apache License, 2.0

Hippo CMS is an open source system developed in 100% java, native xml, ajax interface, suitable for portals and web sites with different publishers, control of inserted pages, searching, workflow, etc. .. Created through the use of other open source programs, in particular, Apache Software Foundation.

is an user friendly and feature-rich Open Source Content Management System and comes with revision control, scheduling, search, multiple editors, workflow and a lot more. The open architecture of Hippo CMS has the Following Advantages: * Based on open standards * Reuse of content * Separation of content, design, logic and the CMS system itself. * User friendly interface (AJAX) * Native XML, 100% JAVA The Hippo CMS project Was Initiated, Developed and is maintained by Hippo's development team. Several Hippo CMS is based on proven open source projects, Mainly from the Apache Software Foundation.
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Magnolia Enterprise Content Management

Magnolia Enterprise Content Management

Magnolia is part of the category of the ECM or Enterprise Content Management System, a higher level of CMS and Framework because they include both etc. .. (CMS / ECM / WCM) and 'written in java, magnolia allows you to create sites and portals of any size while maintaining stability, security and performance even with high-traffic sites.

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