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Foto gallery PHP

SPID gallery

SPID ( Demo )

Description: SPID is a multi-platform photo galleries, and uses MySQL written in PHP. It also uses GD or ImageMagick and zziplib. Comments, voting, pop-up, easy navigation, it returns a valid XHTML 1.0 (compatible with IE, Mozilla, Opera, Galeon, Konqueror)

Requires: PHP safe mode off

TinyWebGallery (Demo)

Photo gallery without database.
TinyWebGallery is a script written in php is very easy to install, easy to manage, does not need a database (stores data in xml file) to all its features. 3 types of slideshows.
requires Safe Mode off.

Minigal gallery

Minigal ( Demo )

Mingal foto gallery It seems really useful, it has many or almost all the main features of a photo gallery, language including Italian, comments, etc. .. Recommended!
Other plugins available online for free ..

Last Updated on Friday, December 14 2007 03:14


Zen Photo gallery

Zen Photo

Easy-to-gallery-style web2, using Ajax, you can see the tag cloud, ajax comments
Requirements: PHP 10.04 + with GD support, MySQL 3.23 +

Last Updated on Friday, December 14 2007 03:15



Folderblog is written in PHP does not need DATABASE, loads the images in a folder. You can use it as a blog or gallery, or integrated on websites.
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