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Here's how to read your Gmail even when offline

If mail is google ONLINE there are three options for reading your mail.

1) Who has previously configured your mail client with the server address of Gmail, or imap.gmail.com.

2) Or you can use the offline mode of Gmail through Google Gears, but I have to wait for the restoration of service to synchronize your email. (If you have not done before)

3) Gmail Desktop Gadgets

Vostroportale.it widget on your site

Want to have open source projects on Your website?

We have created this just for this widget, copy the code below you can have open source projects on this site is updated in real time. For a proper operation of the widget should not change the script.

Last Updated on Monday, February 02 2009 16:40

Joomla Hosting

Are you looking for a powerful and secure hosting for your website with Joomla or other open source software preinstalled such as mambo, joomla, wordpress, gallery menalto, Drupal, PostNuke, typo3 and many others , contact us for information
Server features optimized for Joomla and MySQL 5 that in the case can be exploited for multi-site Joomla.
  • IonCube and ZendOptimizer
  • Register Globals Emulation: OFF
  • Register Globals: OFF
  • Magic Quotes: ON
  • Safe Mode: OFF
  • Chmod no problem (forgot to change the permissions every time you install or uninstall a simple plug-in module or component, but also for updates, in many cases simply install the new version)
New customers in the gift Wysiwyg Pro editor that allows you to upload pictures or other files directly into pages with a single puff, you'll never need to toggle the editor to write code (javascript, iframe, php , asp, java, etc. ..) and other useful features such as the restriction of the editor only to administrators, publishers, authors, publishers, or registered or anonymous users, etc. ..

Last Updated on Monday, August 15 2011 17:49

Available software

Vostroportale.it is a portal which includes useful applications for companies, hotels and websites in general. You can find a list of open source programs, so free is free to use them freely or you can find other kinds of paid applications ready to use profits for your websites, blogs, photo galleries, hotel companies, etc ... or you can count on us for other kinds of Internet services such as: the domain registration or transfer (. com,. com,. net,. org,. info,. eu,. cc,. websites, etc. .. ) but also and above all the hosting and housing at the top in Europe, and software applications, online reservation systems, search engine placement, banner campaigns, pay per click, Adwords campaigns, etc. .. etc. .. everything for your websites.

Some demos of the products listed below are available on request:


Last Updated on Monday, August 15 2011 18:17


Calculate the value of a link on a Web Site

Calculate the value of a link on a portal fee

You need to know if the cost of a link that brought you to really value that you have said?
This site provides an online tools that calculates the value of a link that might be on any one site.
Calculate the value of a link on a Web Site

Last Updated on Tuesday, January 29 2008 01:56

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