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Guida installazione

Installation on Xampp Maximus Bs

Installation on Xampp Maximus Bs

Guide maximus cms

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CMS Comparison tools

Useful tools for understanding what open source systems are no longer used in the world through google that provides this useful tool comparison script open source tools in this case we have already done the search within these cms (joomla, drupal, wordpress, textpattern, xoops) and the result can be seen very well that the most widely used worldwide for the time Joomla and Wordpress.

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Wordpress Installation Guide Italian

G u i d a I n s t a l l a z i o n e log Wordpress D W o r p r e s if installation of Italian B-platform log Wordpress

Wordpress blog platform for blogs or sites of various kinds, it is easy to understand and you can extend the functionality with additional modules and plugins. Lots of templates and plug-ins or modules are available online free of charge or with which it can extend its basic functionality to create a variety of websites, but more suitable for blogs or online journals. Among the major outstanding modules Added the module multilingual antispamm, seo, etc. ..

How to Create a Blog with WordPress

These requirements are needed to begin installation, or you may want to optimize your system or need a space for your site with WoordPress already installed and ready to use than many other open source cms.

WordPress Requirements:
  • About 4 Meg of web space
  • 1 MySql Database,
  • Wndows or Linux
  • Apache
  • phpmyadmin or simulating an environment on your linux pc with XAMPP, EasyPHP, or other simulators like that.

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Drupal Installation Guide

Drupal Installation Guide

Contact us free to publish information about Drupal, guides, utility.

php, apache, mysql web + space + FTP client (smartftp.com) Explorer or Firefox browser.

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