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Sites and Portals for Dealers auto motorcycle boat ...

Sites and Portals for Car Dealers motorcycles or boats ...

The best program for cars on the web is definitely (autoscout24.it) that allows you to sell or rent cars, motorcycles, boats, etc. .. But if you have a car dealership you want to broaden your horizons through the Internet you necessarily having to set up a website where you can list the car you want to sell or rent. The program we offer allows you to list the car agent, each agent will enter his car and may change with the characteristics of the car itself and contacts to contact you. The system provides various features suited to car dealerships, followed by a live demo.

The system was to place ads of your users so you can create your own portal ads of cars, motorcycles, and / or boats.

- The program is configured to show their functionality, although others are available from the administration area where you can edit all the fields such as (self, model, engine capacity, power, ports, color, internal external , currency, name, etc.. .. etc.)

- Also can be optimized for indexing on search engines for better ranking, what should not be underestimated.

Some features are:
- Warning announcements from some of your users.
- Number of images that your users can upload.
- Page to add rules to accept an ad.
- Cose whether the ads will appear automatically, or whether they should be controlled by an administrator.
- Choose which fields are visible to the placement of ads and for the change: (Top Ten, Name, Street, Zip, City, Phone, Web site, year, engine, doors, fuel, mileage, transmission, price, company , brand, condition, color interior and exterior colors, etc. .. etc. ..)
- Automatic expiration of the ads, set to your liking (in days).
- Choice of those ads should appear per page.
- Number of images that must appear at the top.
- Dimesion maximum image upload in bytes.
- Dimesion maximum of uploaded images in pixels.
- Choose whether the images in the ad if they appear to the right or left.
- Choose the number of columns for categories and subcategories.
- Unlimited categories and subcategories.
- Choose the type of currency (euro, dollars, etc.).
- Choose the border color, background, etc. ..
- Each user to his private area (MY ADS) of the site where he can control ads enter, modify, delete, or send others.


Each user will have stored all their listings in one of his private area so you can update, change or delete, many other functions are available.

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