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Gallery 3 Spread The Word Contest

The feedback we've been getting about Gallery 3 is pretty great! Very few of you mention broken G3's except those of you with really funky configurations, users are helping other users in the forums thanks to how much simpler the code is, and everyone seems to love the new user interface.

That said, it's time to turn things up to 11. Here's your chance to win some sweet prizes and a few minutes of fame.

  • Blog about Gallery 3 and
  • Post a video about Gallery 3
  • Write a song about sharing your photos on your website
  • Get a tattoo of the Gallery logo
  • Do anything, and let us know!

If you make us smile, laugh, or high-five one another on IRC, we'll mail you a free Gallery t-shirt (while supplies last).

If you do something really great, we'll even throw in your choice of a free iPod or some free web hosting, so get started!

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