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RSS Feed: How to Create a feed from a site without RSS

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If you want to extract online journalists and news from a site without an RSS feed you can now do so.

Is there a service that can automatically create an RSS newsfeed from any site service is called browser.This FeedFire .

You simply register at FeedFire , enter the URL of the page and FeedFire will do the rest. All in a split second. FeedFire is really able to help you create an RSS feed from any web page, quickly, simply and without the need of an expert.

You do not need to know how to plan, of any kind of experience, you need to know the RSS protocol.

FeedFire alone creates all the feed.

What they need is only the URL of the page.

FeedFire allows you to directly sponsor the new RSS feed created. This can be done by any person like you and me, we're not big corporations but simple people who want an intelligent service that enables them to achieve visibility and to submit their original content to others.

Online journalists can create mixes of feed aggregating different sources and making newsmaster.

I tested FeedFire creating RSS news feeds for three sites, not previously had and that I had contacted them before and to no avail, to offer my help to activate their RSS channels.

What in the past had cost me a lot of mail, explanations and lots of will to explain the benefits that everyone would enjoy adding feeds to their sites, thanks to FeedFire everything changed in a split second.

Here are three sites that previously had no official RSS Feed:

Not only did each of these has an RSS feed (in both 1 and 2.0), but also my sponsors on their feed.

Here they are:

FeedFire allows creators to RSS feed pay a fee that allows them to have direct control over the feed and an option to sponsor .

So, since I discovered this service, I have created RSS feeds for three sites that had them, and I have made public through FeedFire (see the home page, category or search pages) and Bloglines. I redistribute these benefits publishers (the annual cost for this is over 110 USD) by sponsoring my resources with news that their new RSS feeds are now available online for everyone.

Not bad is it?

RSS feeds are created and sponsored by FeedFire can also be used to create reports and private industry or manuals for the teaching of the RSS newsmaster or channels that contain information that would otherwise remain inaccessible.

The feed can also be filtered Sponsored allowing the sponsor to select only the news that include specific keywords. E 'can also customize the number of items displayed in the sponsored feed, the number of words per news item and also the title and description of the RSS feed.

Various levels of sponsorship are increasing the number of characteristics and types of personalization.

The free RSS feed FeedFire only add some information about professional FeedFire, so that those who test them for the first time may find the features of this service.

Exactly how does MyRSS (now Marketsentinel ).

FeedFire is a really useful service and innovative

Congratulations to Mike Barlow and the team Portrayer Publishers who created this promising service.

Highly recommended


Adapted from http://www.masternewmedia.org/news/2004/10/23/automatic_sitetorss_feed_creation_feedfire.htm , published by Robin Good on October 23, 2004 and updated on November 9, 2004.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons License .

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