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The CMS was built with the intention to be built on existing sites, so it can be devoid of graphics. Written in PHP uses MySQL database

60cycleCMS is designed with an emphasis on simplicity, portability, and a small code base. For the purposes of easy integration into existing sites, 60cycleCMS does not include a network model, then some knowledge of web design is needed

Download Stable Release: http://sourceforge.net/projects/sixtycyclecms/
Download the latest development version of Code: SVN
License: BSD License

* A single user can edit, modify, and delete the entries HTML
* Preview article or editing before publishing
* System can be configured with optional commentary of the visitor and reCAPTCHA HTML Purifier
* Optional email notification of new comments from visitors
* Simple web interface for managing private CMS
Scripts provided installation
* Easy integration into existing or new sites PHP
* Codebase very small (26 KB, without a library)
* Automatic timezone

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