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Xpoze PRO - The complete, easy to use, but with a lot of features to help buyers and sellers to find or sell images for their needs.
Key Features
* SEO friendly URLs and supports tags (using mod_rewrite)
* Fully customizable CSS-based HTML with TPL pages
* Limit of photos and images
* Unlimited categories and subcategories
* Unlimited keywords
* Custom Credits
* Custom Registration
* Easy, Medium and Advanced Search
* Sorting of all image lists (auto saved for each user customized)
* Multiple download size for Stock Photos
* Direct Download file
* Download link to e-mail
* Download files by e-mail
* Download Link Auto Expires
* Favorite Pictures
* Reviews
Photo Post * Hyper linked keyword search
* Admin WYSIWYG Content Editor
* Statistics
* User Account Statistics
* Sell prints and products
* Sales of video files * Free Directory
* Auto generate thumbnails and sample images
* Photos Video Preview display Photographer
* Latest Photos Feature
.. and much more

Platform (s): linux, windows, freebsd, osx


  • Linux or Windows server
  • Apache
  • Mod Rewrite (installed by default on apache Most servers)
  • PHP 4.5 or newer
  • GD2 Library (installed by default Within PHP)
  • Magick Wand (for BrushyPhoto * ONLY)

username: admin
password: pass
username: buyers
password: pass
username: photo
password: pass
username: editor
password: pass


Main features

  • NEW! RSS Feeds for news, free photo, random photo and Each category
  • NEW! Search History For Each user
  • NEW! Top ranked images
  • NEW! Categories Complete Tree
  • NEW! Custom pages
  • SEO friendly URL and TAGS support (using Apache mod_rewrite)
  • Fully Customizable CSS based HTML with TPL pages
  • IPTC & EXIF support for images
  • Unlimited images, vectors and videos
  • Unlimited Categories & Sub-Categories
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Custom Credits
  • Custom Subscriptions
  • Simple, Medium and Advanced Search
  • Custom sorting of all image lists (auto saved For Each user)
  • Multiple download sizes for Stock Photos
  • Direct File Download
  • Download Link to Email
  • Download File to Email
  • Download Link Auto Expires
  • Favorite Photos
  • Post Photo Reviews
  • Hyperlinked keyword search
  • Admin WYSIWYG Content Editor
  • Site Statistics
  • User Account Statistics
  • Sell Video Files
  • Free Directory
  • Auto generated thumbnails & Sample Pictures
  • Video Preview
  • Display Photos By Photographer
  • Latest Photos Feature
  • Popular Photos Feature
  • Photo Preview popup feature - Point Cursor on thumbnail and preview Large photo
  • Water-stamped photos
  • Image View counters and count downloads
  • Additional photo Exif information
  • Administrator photo approve
  • Multidimensional average rating and review system, get you ability to rate and review without leaving product page
  • Browser Based Photo Uploads
  • Powerful Batch upload from browser software, Gives you ability upload up to 2Gb
  • Browser Based Image Editor
  • Secure User Registration System
  • Multiple language support (up to 5)
  • PayPal Support
  • MoneyBookers Support

User features

Manage Profile
View Transactions Reports
Site Mail
Buy Credits
Buy / Renew Subscriptions
Manage Favorites
Manage Private Uploads
Post News

All buyers and features:
Manage Free Photos
Manage Stock Photos
Manage Special Photos
Manage Exclusive Photos
Vector Manage Photos
Manage Photos Video
Manage Batch Uploads

All photographer and features:
Approve Fresh Uploads
Manage Global Uploads - limited access
Global Managed Batch Uploads,
Manage Members - Limited Access

All features and editors:
Approve Fresh Uploads
Manage Global Uploads - full access
Global Managed Batch Uploads,
Managed Global Free Photos,
Global Managed Private Photos,
Manage Members - Full Access
Email / Newsletter Members
Global View Transactions Reports
Handle withdraws
Tweak Site Settings
Configure and Credits Subscriptions
Manage Site Languages
Manage Categories and Subcategories
Edit Site Pages and Texts

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